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What's Your Story? Scrapbook Tutorial

Jan 11, 2023

What's Your Story? Scrapbook Tutorial

Tell me, what's your story?

I don't just mean those basic details. Who are you, really? What are those stories and tidbits your loved ones know about you?

Use this scrapbook to capture your story. You and your loved ones can look back on it for years to come!

Included in your kit:

  • Journal
  • Custom "This story belongs to:" sticker
  • 10 story prompts
  • 10 "Would you rather" prompts
  • Assorted stickers

To complete your activity:


  1. Write your name on the sticker.
  2. Place the sticker on the front cover.
  3. If you know what you want to write or draw about, go for it! The pages are not lined to make it easier for your imagination to wander.
  4. Need a little help? Use the “Things to Write About” question prompts to help you get started.
  5. On the back, check out the “Would You Rather” questions for some quick and easy answers. Embellish on these - if you would rather jump in the ocean than a pool, write down why! Do you have any special stories about running into the ocean? Include that in your scrapbook.
  6. The stickers are there to help you embellish your stories, or to spark new ideas!


Check out the tutorial: