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Weather Any Storm Unboxing

May 03, 2023

Weather Any Storm Unboxing

From sunshine to snowstorms, stormy days or starry nights, what changes more often than the weather?

This month, we’re not only celebrating all types of weather, but also your ability to make it through all of them. It’s Mental Health Awareness month, so we’ve packed some activities designed to promote positive mental health. 



Included in your box are the following activities:

  • Fahrenheit Frenzy
    • Figure out whether or not you can leave that winter jacket at home with this Fahrenheit Frenzy activity, which teaches us how to identify temperature by looking at both the thermometer and the colors next to it.
  • Sunshine Window Cling
    • Let the sunshine in… in a different way! Color the window cling with the permanent markers, then hang it up on a window to let those brilliant colors shine through.
  • Rainbow Yarn Painting
    • Painting? With yarn? We had never heard of it either, but we promise, we won’t put you in a “sticky” situation! Peel the sticker back and arrange the yarn in a rainbow shape - or any shape of your choosing.
  • Weather Tracker
    • What’s it like outside? Using just a few simple supplies, this Weather Tracker activity will encourage you to live in the present moment. 
  • Four Seasons Watercolors
    • Winter, spring, summer, or fall, all you’ve got to do is…paint! Use your watercolors to design your own four seasons. Bonus points for weird and wacky ideas - try a blue pumpkin or a purple tree and see how creativity looks on paper.