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Three reasons why

Sep 21, 2022

Three reasons why

Grandma Eileen blew through a stop sign and T-boned another car. She didn't even see it, and she certainly didn't think the accident was her fault. 

That's when we knew her memory problems were becoming dangerous, and it was time to see a doctor.

Diagnosis: Alzheimer's disease and vascular dementia.


Grandpa Fred asked his eldest daughter to start paying his bills. The meticulous man prided himself on keeping his finances in order, and he spent the better part of his working life dealing with numbers on a daily basis.

That's when we knew it was time for him to see a doctor.

Diagnosis: Alzheimer's disease.


Grandma Carol spent her time knitting, baking, reading, and providing care for Grandpa Fred. But she started yelling more often than she spoke normally, even turning to violence on a few occasions.

That's when we knew it was something more than being overwhelmed with the demands of caregiving.

Diagnosis: Alzheimer's disease. 


These three humans shaped my life, but they don't remember doing so.

I would love to talk to them about what I was like as a child, or even what they were like as children. I'd love to hear stories about their parents, or how they built lives as parents. 

But I can't. Because Alzheimer's disease stole that away from all of us.

It didn't just deprive them of their memories, behaviors, and daily activities. It deprived their children and grandchildren of the memories they should have been able to share with us.

Team Memories Matter is participating again this year in the Alzheimer's Association's Walk to End Alzheimer's. If you're interested in joining or donating to our team, please click here

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Thank you for your support. Some day, we will find a way to beat this awful disease.