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Heart String Art

Feb 07, 2023

Heart String Art

Your hands are constantly working for you, so let's give them something fun to do!

The hand-eye coordination used in this activity helps to strengthen the connections in our brains, while also helping us with dexterity.



  • Foam heart
  • Colored string
  • Pegs
  • White string


  1. Poke a peg into each dot in the heart. (Make sure it's all the way in, because this will hold our string in place!)
  2. Untangle the multicolored string if it is tangled. Ours was! This makes it much easier to complete the rest of the activity.
  3. Tie a knot with the multicolored string around one of the pegs.
  4. Wind the string around each peg until all the string has been used.
  5. Feed the thick, white string through each of the holes in the top and tie a knot in the back to use as a door hanger.


Still need some help? Watch the video below for a visual demonstration.