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Fish Tank Sensory Tube Tutorial

Jun 07, 2023

Fish Tank Sensory Tube Tutorial

Dive under the sea and find calmness with this fish tank sensory tube activity.

Sensory tubes provide many benefits, including:

  • Dexterity and hand-eye coordination to turn the tube upside down
  • Encourages the user to identify sounds, shapes, colors, and the items inside
  • Provides both audio and visual cues for recognition
  • Encourages communication of what the user is experiencing
  • Provides a sense of relaxation
  • Sharpens skills such as focus and attention

Curious how to do it?

  1. Add your sea creatures and seashells to the bottle.
  2. Add water.
  3. Optional: Add a small amount of glitter to the tube. (Note: adding too much glitter will make it clumpy!)
  4. Shake it up and enjoy!